WA9PIE-2 DX Cluster

The WA9PIE-2 Global DX Spotting Network is open to all ham radio operators.

Access via telnet at: telnet://hrd.wa9pie.net:8000

A bit about the WA9PIE-2 Global DX Spotting Network:

  • It is hosted in the Google Cloud to enable a high-speed service that is highly reliable.

  • This cluster node does not filter spots. I leave this up to the connected stations to decide what they wish to filter.

  • This cluster node is directly connected to many DX cluster nodes around the world where more than 80% of the user created spots originate.

    • 6 nodes in NA

    • 8 nodes in EU

    • 2 nodes in AS

    • 1 node in SA

    • 1 node in OC

    • (There are no full-time cluster nodes in Africa or Antarctica.)

  • As such, it is truly a "global spotting network." There is no need to maintain multiple connections to various DX cluster nodes or to wonder where the most up-to-date spots might come from. This has all been taken care of in the design of WA9PIE-2.

At any one time, there are roughly 6,000 ham radio operators connected to this network of nodes.